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As leaders, we must constantly be evolving and learning. One way we do that is through books as learning resources, and Mark Miller writes some of my favorite leadership books.

Mark Miller is the Coauthor of the international bestseller The Secret, and he doesn’t disappoint with his newest book. In Chess Not Checkers he continues the stories of Blake Brown and Debbie Brewster as Blake takes on a new role as the CEO of a failing organization. Mark highlights the necessities of a mentorship in the success of leadership. Through this new mentorship, Blake is given the tools to elevate his leadership game with a simple formula of recognizing, and overcoming, when your organization’s game has “flipped.”

“Leadership growth always precedes organizational growth.”Click-to-tweet this leadership quote
– Mark Miller

The four strategic phrases Blake’s mentor teaches in Chess Not Checkers: Bet on Leadership, Act as One, Win the Heart, and Excel at Execution provide Blake with insight in the development of a high performing organization.

While some critics will say there’s nothing new, or different than any other book, I’m here to tell you that there isn’t another book that puts the topic of leadership into such fantastic teachable, quick-reading, perspective. I highly recommend this book to all organizations who have experienced a change in their performance, or are searching for the “next level” performance.

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Do you play Chess? What’s your number?

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