Great Leaders SERVE 10th Anniversary

The Secret: Leadership Header Image

The industry is flooded with leadership resources written by globally influential authors like Barry Posner, Jim Kouzes, Robert Greenleaf, John Maxwell, and for the sake of time I’ll stop there. Even performing an Amazon search of “Leadership Books” provides more than 25,000 results and over a hundred pages.

I was recently blessed by Mark Miller and his incredible staff to get my hands on “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do” 10th Anniversary Edition. This book clearly identifies what servant leadership looks like. It’s a beautifully written business fable following Debbie Brewster, a recently promoted Director of Corporate Client Services, who feels a decline in her success, and is trying to not lose her job. You will view life and work in a completely new perspective after reading The Secret. It will challenge you, both personally and professionally. The Secret is the first in a fantastic series of books including Great Leaders Grow, The Secret of Teams and The Heart of Leadership all written by Mark Miller. I highly recommend reading, and rereading, The Secret as this new 10th anniversary edition also includes a leadership self-assessment with Debbie’s notes, and a few more resources to help you, or someone you know, understand “what great leaders know and do.”

Leadership Iceberg Illustration
Leadership is like an iceberg. The 10% above is the skills, while the 90% below is the character.

Now, I’m not a very fast reader. As I enjoy pondering the ideas outlined in the books I’m reading. This book however, is a very quick read. The narration is smooth with great mental illustrations of happening conversations. At just 118 pages, I was able to finish this book in a few hours. Time I’m sure many of you will be spending on a flight, in an airport, on a train, in the vanpool, or, let’s be honest, on the toilet over the next week.

Don’t keep The Secret to yourself. After reading, write your name and contact info in the book, pass along to a friend, and create a mentorship circle to grow together as leaders. The Secret 10th Anniversary Edition will be available on September 2, 2014 on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

Share your thoughts on any Mark Miller book in the comments section below, and join me in leadership conversations on Twitter at @AlexGaskins.

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