Watch Out For Instagram Trepagrammers

Trepagrammers Entrepreneurs on Instagram

The online marketplace scene can change from ebay and craigslist to etsy and Instagram almost overnight. Wait, what? Instagram as a marketplace?

Entrepreneurism is on fire, and so are the trending tags: #2ndStuff, #GarageSale, #YardSale, and #Sale. Trepagrammers, as I’m going to call these entrepreneurs on Instagram, are taking over social media. Gaining unique followers just by strategic hashtag use. These treps can use sites like and to identify the best hashtags to use on their photos. Instagram provides a unique platform for fashion, auto, and real estate sales. Clothing sellers are able to post Instagram photos or videos of the product, and the first user to comment with their PayPal email address will be sent an invoice. Once the user pays, the seller can send the item to the mailing address listed on the buyers PayPal account. It’s quick, simple, free, and did I say quick?

Trepagrammers can capitalize on their free exposure resources by creating a Twitter account and joining chat groups to promote items as a “share for share” tactic. Using tools like Instagram feeds on a Facebook page can also help to boost awareness of their Instagram store.

Here are a few Instagram users who are taking of this scene. Enjoy!

Clothing Sales Instagram Entrepreneur


Clothing Sales Instagram Entrepreneur


Clothing Sales Instagram Entrepreneur

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