Meddle.It for Content Enrichment

Meddle It Logo re-creation by Alex GaskinsThere are several new social media platforms. Some are trying to beat out Facebook, while others are taking their own spin on Pinterest or Bloglovin. Journalist and Social Media Consultant, John Boitnott, recently posted an article on titled, “5 New Social-Media Platforms Worth A Look.” But, he forgot to mention one of my favorite sites, and everyone should keep their eye on

Meddle is a site designed for everyone to create content from content, and it’s extremely easy to use. Your Meddle profile can be quickly populated by connecting it to your Twitter account. You’ll likely want to connect your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles also. This will allow you to maximize your sharing options.

Meddle It Screenshot by Alex GaskinsSimply highlight the excerpt of any website (Some sites don’t allow Meddling) you would like to add content about. Click on your previously installed Meddle browser plug-in, usually suggested at sign-up. The Meddle browser UI will rise from the bottom of your browser. Type in any amount of information you would like to comment about the selected text (Keep it within context). You can currently share your Meddle with friends using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or by email.

Meddle It Advance Tab Screen Shot by Alex GaskinsYou can customize your Meddle post, through the “Advanced” link in the lower right corner, to any of the checked platforms. The “Comment” will show what you wrote in the Meddle.

Meddle It Advance Tab Screen Shot by Alex GaskinsOr, you can select “Excerpt” to post the highlighted section of the Meddled site. You can even type a custom message. I usually use the “Custom” section to tag the author, and ask users to Meddle with me.

This is definitely a site to keep your eyes on. Do you have a Meddle? If so, Meddle with me.

You can also find me on Twitter at @AlexGaskins

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