Capitalizing On Social Marketing

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Brands are always trying to find ways to stand out in the muck of the millions of brands doing the same thing. It can be quite challenging. Especially for small businesses, but that’s where my small town has sought some of my experience. By taking a few lessons from top brands like Red Bull®, Taco Bell®, and Disney Parks®, anyone can change and adapt a top brand strategy to improve the bottom line for their own small business.

Taco Bell® for example is taking their Snapchat game to additional platforms and turning a direct strategy into a crowd-sourcing tactic on Twitter. Just one example is this tweet by @kingrynoo with his Snapchat sent to @TacoBell. Ryan’s Snapchat went almost viral after Taco Bell® retweeted. This isn’t the only story like this.

Taco Bell Snapchat
Taco Bell Snapchat tweet.

There are thousands of interactions just like this one. They have been proven to increase brand loyalty and word-of-mouth engagement. Taco Bell® is consistently bringing new strategies to their Snapchat feed.

Recently, Taco Bell® asked followers to screenshot their vote on how to wake up their friend. Using the screenshot numbers for each Snap, Taco Bell® responded to their Story the next morning. This is a great example of engaging customers, and keeping them engaged for long periods of time.

Another great brand using Snapchat in my personal opinion has to be Disney Parks®. You can find both of their Story feeds by searching waltdisneyworld and disneyland on your Snapchat app, and don’t forget to click “+” to add their feed.

#FrozenSummer Shonduras Snapchat
#FrozenSummer Shonduras Snapchat from Walt Disney World

This strategy was originally launched for Snapchat coverage of the 24-hour Rock Your #DisneySide event on Friday, May 23rd 2014 staring recent Snapchat stars Shonduras and mplatco, but it didn’t stop there. Shonduras occasionally takes over both Walt Disney World Resort® and Disneyland Resort® Snapchat Story feeds. Sharing his #Snapventure with the world one Snap at a time.

It’s important for brands to take strategic risks when adapting to new marketing trends. It’s safe to say these risks by Taco Bell® and Disney Parks® have successfully paid off. Now is the time to find opportunities for your brand to take advantage of this free medium.

Some ideas:

  • Snap your events.
  • Snap 24-hour specials.
  • Ask customers if they would like to be Snap’d with your products.
  • Have a voting contest for favorite products.
  • Have a voting contest for the next 24-hour special.
  • Host a Snap artist contest with screenshot voting.

The options are almost limitless. Have fun and remember to secure your accounts with complex passwords.

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